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What can I say, being a martial artist for over half a century I think I can speak with a totally honest vice that Bushido martial arts in Stockport is a very friendly and excellent place for both experienced and novice martial artists to train and develop. The instructor cadre is of the highest level and the statistics show this with the amount of students that have obtained both grades and become champions in their own right. The club is an excellent place for any person who wishes to learn effective traditional and modern martial arts. Martial arts clubs are not everyones cup of tea shall we say as we live in an era of people who want to learn the martial arts but are not willing to put the time and effort into achieving personal development and success. The club is very well organised and run on a friendly basis. Its a buyers market...if you don't like what you see ...go somewhere else but leave your negativity at home.   20-11-16


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