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Absolutely awful company! This company financed a car for a customer purchasing a vehicle we had in stock. On arrival the customers part ex's weren't as described and had a number of defects which weren't declared before travelling to us. These included a leaking diff, low tyres, 5 k more miles , damaged paint, worn out brakes etc Following the discovery of these faults we had a conversation with the buyer where we politely suggested we need to revise the part ex valuations in order to go ahead At this point the director of this company; L Berry called our office to threaten our junior sales person, even suggesting legal action if we didn't proceed with the deal despite all the issues and costs we would incur. Under pressure and without being able to contact the directors of the company he was bullied into accepting the deal, leaving us with expensive and serious issues to rectify. We will be making the financial ombudsman aware of how this company operate

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