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I hired 3 skips from this company, paying them a total of £450.00 in cash. When I hired the last skip, they took it away within 24 hours, before I had even used it, saying they needed it urgently for another customer, who would fill it the same day, and that it would be returned to me within 24 hours. One week later, after numerous phone calls/ text messages, they brought a much smaller skip, approx. half the size of the one I had paid for. It was in particularly poor condition and was left on my drive for approx 5 weeks. After numerous phone calls and promises, and reading many negative reviews, it was clear that it was NOT going to be removed until it suited them. I contacted another skip hire company who agreed to remove it at a further cost to myself of £150.00. Whatever you do, do NOT use this company. They are happy to take your money, but afterwards it is impossible to contact them, as their landline no longer accepts in-coming calls, and they never respond to text or voice messages on the mobile. AVOID using them at all costs!!

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