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The best restaurant in stockport by a country mile. Fantastic food at good prices in fantastic surroundings .    09-12-11


I booked into this hotel as a nightstop before flying out the next morning , it was very cheap offer on a family room. You don't even get what you pay for. The room seemed to be a standard double with two extra beds shoehorned in, so very little room to move around in. Dirty carpets, stained and rusty bathroom fittings with what was either blood or makeup on the wall. Very thin walls with a couple next door who talked and 'exercised' until about 3 am, and lots of noise in the corridor all night.
The staff were congregatged around the front of the hotel smoking cannibis and who can blame them having to work in such a craphole. Don't touch it with a bargepole, I'll be steering clear of Britannia Hotel stockport as a result of this visit.    09-12-11
Tags: Basil Fawlty could do a better job